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Moving House Checklist – 4 weeks before the move

Start packing/sorting. If you are doing the packing yourself start as soon as you can, and certainly no later than two weeks to go.  Even before you exchange contracts it is wise to start clearing out the attic, packing up your summer or winter clothes and collecting up items you rarely use such as books, some kitchen appliances and garden tools.

Change of address. Remember to let companies know of your new change of address. Make sure you inform any business who has your address details such as utility suppliers, employers and any clubs or associations you are a member of.

Take your views with you when you move. Don’t lose your right to vote when you move house. Unless you inform the local council that you’ve moved, you may not be able to vote in future elections.

Land/Mobile phones. Contact landline, mobile phone, TV and internet providers to inform them of your new address and arrange for them fit new systems at the new home if required. Also inform all friends and family of new numbers if they have changed.

Car. Have your car/cars serviced, particularly if you are moving a long distance away.

DVLA. If you have changed address, you must tell the DVLA to update both your Driving License and Vehicle Registration Certificate

Bank. Notify your bank/banks of your change of address and maybe consider transferring your accounts to a branch nearer to your new home.

Schools. If you are moving out of the area ensure the new school is aware of the intended start date for your child. If schools are not changing, ensure they have your new details for emergency contact.

Inland Revenue.  When you notify your local tax office you will need to quote your reference number, this can be found on your pay slip/P60/code notification.

Insurance. Contact your broker or the individual companies for your Life, Motor, Medical, Pet and Contents insurance. Ensure that the cover you have is sufficient for your new address.

Doctor, Dentist & Opticians  If you are moving out of the area you will need to de-register and register with a new Doctor, Dentist and Optician within the catchment area of your new home. If you are unsure whether you are out of the catchment area, ensure you contact your medical centre.

Pets.  Book pets into the cattery/kennels if required, and ensure you have the medical records to give to the new vet.