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House Removals

House Removals

Around Stockport, Macclesfield & Wilmslow

We aim to make your house move as smooth as possible. Quality local services at a price you can afford in and around Stockport, Macclesfield and Wilmslow. Take a look.

Move Home the Easy Way

Moving house is a difficult time and everybody who does it themselves inevitably says “never again”!  Getting professional help to move really does make sense but choosing who to trust can be a nightmare.

We’re Moving are specialist home movers & relocation experts who, over the past 10 years have built a reputation for making your move simple and stress free.


Carrying boxes

Every move is different but we group our moves into two categories: Pack and Move or Standard Move


Pack and Move (we pack and move)

Our expert, fully trained, packers arrive the day before your move and carefully pack all your possessions.  The next day we will load the removal van and set off.  At your new home we will unload the van and place your possessions in the rooms you want.  This really is the stress free option.  Let our proffessional removal team take the strain and do everything for you.

  • Our trained packers use proper materials to ensure that all your possessions are properly packed, protected and insured throughout your move
  • We make sure all your furniture is safely covered and protected with blankets, bubble wrap and shrink wrap.
  • We use mattress and sofa covers to keep your furniture clean during the move.
  • We even use dust sheets and blankets to make sure you paintwork is protected at both ends of the move.

More than 50% of our customers choose this option  – Call us for a Pack and Move Quote today on 0161 669 6207


Standard Move (You Pack – We Move)

If your budget is limited or you have plenty of time on your hands then this option might br right for you.  As the name suggests you pack all your own possessions ready for us to turn up and load them onto the removal van on the day of your move. we will then unload the van and place your boxes in the rooms you want.  To make it easier we’ll even loan you wardrobe boxes to help move your clothes.

  • We still make sure all furniture is safely covered and protected
  • We still use mattress and sofa covers to keep your furniture clean
  • We still use dust sheets & blankets to protect your property during the move

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